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Four wheels move the Body, Two wheels move the Soul.

Latest from the Blog

  • kranium_helmet_3

    New helmet design

    Now in stock – the Kranium Cardboard Helmet – a cardboard constructed helmet designed by Royal College of Art industrial design student Anirudha Surabhi. Research into why woodpeckers don’t get concussion revealed the bird’s unique corrugated cartilage structure which spreads the impact force and therefore protects the brain. The designer was struck by the woodpecker’s ability to withstand repeated heavy impact and decided to use the concept as a basis for a new helmet design.

    • Absorbs 3x the amount of impact compared to a regular polystyrene helmet
    • Waterproof
    • Sustainable – Think Green!  – the Abus Kranium is made from recycled materials
    • Lightweight – 15% lighter than typical polystyrene or EPS helmets

    For all the technical details, and to look at the ideas behind the design, check out the video.

  • image1-e1395338169502

    The date for the next seasonal Mountain Bike ride has been sorted, Saturday the 5th of April is the latest date for your diary. The route will be confirmed on the day but expect 15 ish miles of beatiful Calderdale hill side to pass under your wheels. Meet around 10ish ride at 11. We will stop for pies at some point but feel free to bring your own sustinence. The picture above shows the happy faces of the guys who took part on the winter ride;  it was a great ride but really windy on the tops. I’ve booked good weather for this one so bring your sunscreen.

  • surly1

    If you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about the recent fat bike phenomena, now’s the time to satisfy your curiosity. For a limited time only (about three weeks) we are offering customers the opportunity to get themselves a bargain ride on one of the most radical bikes around. For only £20 you will get the chance to demo a Surly Pugsley Ops worth £1850. The bike is available for either a morning or afternoon session, the more people that get the chance to ride this bike the better! Up until last Wednesday evenings night ride I had never ridden a fat bike before, and the experience completely blew my mind! The route consisted of the usual variations in trail surfaces but began with the big road climb from the shop up to the Pecket Well descent, and while there was certainly more drag evident than a regular MTB, it really wasn’t as bad as expected. The big surprise was on the first descent and the muddy climb that follows. The ‘give’ in the massive tyres really did make the bike feel like it had suspension. The muddy stretch that followed had me grinning from ear to ear, this part of the ride is always a slog, but the level of grip and the ease with which the bike handled that section was unbelievable. I experienced the same ‘ear to ear’ experience again on a particularly technical, rooty/rocky descent, which ordinarily offers little in the way of front end grip. Only this time I was on the incredible Pugsley and again the level of grip has to be experienced to be appreciated, the word which kept popping in to my head was, ‘uncanny’. Now, while I seem to waxing lyrically about this bike I’m under no pretence that this is going to be someone’s one and only ride, however if you do have the funds available it would make a fantastic second bike, or maybe you could buy shares in one with mates! The demo bike is a large (I’m around 5′ 10″ and found it fine) and usual demo terms apply, call the shop for details. To find out more about the people who brought fat bikes to the masses follow the link

  • Star Store

    Great endorsement from cycle industry journal Bike Biz which carried out a Mystery Shopper survey of a number of Yorkshire bike shops. Each shop was rated in terms of facilities, product range and of course, all-important customer service. The Mystery Shopper was looking for bike lights.

    Happily the review in the February edition of Bike Biz has only confirmed what our customers already knew; that it’s a well-managed shop providing great products and excellent service. In fact, the mystery shopper was so impressed that he awarded Blazing Saddles the coveted title of Star Store, putting it top of the table and earning it a “very well done” from the magazine.

    Singled out for praise was the shop’s ‘community feel’, along with the fact that there was no ‘hard sell’, just detailed but honest advice and a decent range of products to choose from. With high-street shops increasingly feeling the impact of online shopping, exercises like this are a great chance for shops to demonstrate the kind of friendliness, advice and extra services that internet shopping simply can’t match.

    Everyone in the Blazing team is fanatical about bikes and enjoys their work, so we constantly strive to ensure customers always get the kind of enthusiastic reception and real-world product knowledge they really need. It’s always been this way here, but with the Tour de France coming up soon, we’re more determined than ever to show people the big advantages of buying their bikes and kit from a real-life shop, not online.