Blazing Bike Maintenance Courses

A ping, a hiss, the sudden feeling of the rim of your wheel scraping over rocks –  the realisation that you’ve got a puncture is never fun. It’s usually raining for a start, it’ll be freezing cold, and most likely dark. There’ll definitely not be a phone signal. You imagine the walk home…

tyre-punctureThere’s something pretty perfect about riding a bike. And there’s something pretty empowering about riding your bike in the middle of nowhere and knowing that if you get a puncture or a broken chain, you’ll be able to fix it. Simple enough jobs when you know how, but daunting if you’ve never really done it. Gears and brake adjustment are even more of an unknown, and there’s always the risk you’ll take everything apart and not be able to put it back together again.

With all this in mind, Blazing Saddles super mechanic Matt is holding a month of Trailside Repairs Bike Maintenance Courses. There will be a total of 4 courses, each lasting 2 hours. Each course will cater for a maximum of 5 people so you’ll get lots of attention. The course will cover gear and brake adjustment, wheel checks and how to fix punctures and will include plenty of time to practise and get confident.


The total cost is £35. To book your place, first decide which date suits you, then come into the shop and buy a Bike Maintenance Gift Voucher, or alternatively, buy one as a present for someone you know would appreciate it!

Thursday 5th February (Mixed Group )7pm till 9pm

Thursday 12th February (Mixed Group) 7pm till 9pm

Thursday 19th February (Mixed Group) 7pm till 9pm

Thursday 26th February (Women only) 7pm till 9pm







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