Blazing Bike Build Down Under

Unusual Customer Enquiry…

A few months ago an email landed from a customer who wanted a very special custom bike build, and we’d been recommended as the shop to help him. That’s not that unusual, except that the customer was in Australia, and was planning to come to England to pick the bike up, then take it all the way back to Oz!

And so began my first long distance custom bike build, working with Craig via email to make sure he got exactly what he wanted and that it would be as he imagined when he arrived in the country. Although we had a couple of months to meet the deadline, sourcing accessories and parts proved to be an interesting challenge.

Which Orange is best?

We debated the exact difference between fizzy orange and atomic orange, and heard everyone’s opinion in the shop as to whether the blue of the special order Hope cranks had to exactly match the blue of the bars…(it does).


Finally, with Craig up in the sky on a plane somewhere, the build was finished, built with love and care and skill by Pat in the workshop here in Hebden.

The final part of the story came from Craig via email –

For Anna and the Blazing Team – some photos. Made it back in one piece and loving the ride.

Thanks again for all your help with this custom Alpine 6, chasing up parts and the attention to detail in the build. There are lots of envious eyes from my cycling mates here in Australia! And Yes -that is an Outback Dunny in the ‘Alpine 6 in Oz’ photo- called a ‘Thunder box’. The gum tree in the background is over 500 years old. 

Custom builds are one of our favourite things – it’s great to see a project develop from start to finish and see a bike that’s unique to its owner. Ring or email and start planning your fantasy bike…!

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