Mates Rates

Think Before You Click!

In a world dominated by huge internet based companies, we’d like to thank you for supporting your local bike shop, and helping to protect local High Streets and businesses. We’ve developed a simple system to help our loyal customers to save money.

The scheme works like this…

Ask in the shop for a card!

You get one stamp for every five pounds that you spend in the shop on everything except new bikes, frame or forks, workshop labour or stuff that has already been discounted.

Our Loyalty Card needs 20 stamps to fill it and when it’s full it’s worth £5 and this can be spent on anything in the shop.

You are then entitled to a Mates Rate card, which gives you a 10% reduction at the till on everything in the shop apart from new bikes, frames or forks and workshop labour although we will give a 5% reduction on a bike, frame or fork but not on workshop labour.

The extra 10% discount every time you shop soon adds up!