Entry Level Mountain Bikes £350-£500

Starting Out

Starting out mountain biking? We sell a really good selection of entry level mountain bikes to start you off in what will hopefully be the new love of your life.  If you’re totally new to biking but want to give it a go, you’re not going to want to waste a lot of money on something you might not use, but equally, you don’t want to buy something which won’t let you enjoy riding because it’s just a bit cheap and rubbish.

Best Mountain Bikes under £500

Anything under £500 is aimed at riders like you, and as prices go up, you’re looking more at intermediate level bikes, where the components and specifications improve as your riding demands increase. When you’re starting out, you just need the basics – a decent solid bike that won’t break and let you down, and there is a good amount of choice available.

Reliable Quality Brands

We sell bicycles, not bicycle shaped objects! We’ve chosen to stock Specialized and Ridgeback bikes because they offer a good range of entry level mountain bikes, and prices start at £349.99. These bikes will do everything you need them to do, they’ll even take you forward into intermediate riding as you improve, and when you get there, the bikes are easy to upgrade with better components if you don’t want to buy a whole new bike.

Good Value

One thing about buying good quality equipment is that it keeps it’s value well. Get a decent beginner’s bike, look after it, and you’ll be able to sell it often for more than half of what you paid for it, which gives you a good starting fund towards that upgraded beauty you’ve had your eye on.

Remember, you can have fun on the moors or trails on any half-way decent bike, no matter what level you’re at – so enjoy the ride!

The Bikes

Specialized Hardrock 26″


The Hardrock is the men’s version of the Myka (below) and like the Myka, is a proper mountain bike. It is versatile and good value and can tackle trails, dirt tracks and twisty turny stuff, whatever you fancy. The knobby tyres make quick work of rough terrain, and the entry level Hardrock comes with v brakes and durable suspension fork. Combining practicality and performance, the Hardrock features 21 gears and  has rack and mudguard mounts for equipment compatibility.

For £50 more at £400 there’s also the Hardrock Sport SE with mechnical disc brakes.

Ridgeback MX13 26″


ridgeback-mx3Part of  Ridgeback’s Terrain series is the MX3.  The MX3 is a leisure orientated mountain bike and is a well built decent bike, perfect for jaunts around parks, canal paths and the national cycle network.  It features Shimano EZ fire gears, quick release alloywheels and a light aluminium frame.  If you are looking for a bike to get started with – this is a great choice.

Also available as an open frame model – sometimes called a step through, with a lower top tube (cross bar).

Ridgeback MX4 26″



The Rigeback MX4 is the next model up but still comes in just under £400. With its eye catching aluminium frame, suspension fork and quality components the MX4 is a good all-round mountain bike. It has a light aluminium frame with mudguard eyelets and a suspension fork with 80mm of travel to smooth out any bumps on the trail or road. The Shimano M355 disc brakes provide superb braking power in all weather conditions. Whether you are riding on dirt tracks or commuting on the open road the Dual Track range is a great all rounder.

Specialized Myka

£350myka 26

The Myka has been designed to tackle any mountain terrain with ease, and due to its light aluminium frame, is a comfortable, enjoyable ride. A 75mm travel suspension fork absorbs heavy blows, keeping the rider in control and comfort over rougher surfaces and at speed. Women’s specific geometry supports a more efficient riding position. Alloy V-brakes provide efficient braking for all types of route and trail. A go anywhere mountain bike.

For £50 more at £400 there’s also the Myka Sport SE with mechnical disc brakes , making it one of the best performing recreational mountain bikes around.

Specialized Jynx 650b

£425Jynx 650b

The Jynx 650b is the first of our entry level bikes to feature the new wheel size 650b. It’s the women’s version of the Pitch (below). Designed to be faster rolling than the 26″ wheel but still retain it’s ability to handle singletrack and tight turns, this wheel size is a good choice if you fancy riding something possibly faster rolling that may make rolling over small obstacles a little easier. Women’s specific geometry: anatomically engineered for women. In comparison to the Pitch, the headtube is one degree slacker, the top tube is shorter, the handlebar is smaller, and the chainstays are longer. The Jynx has two other models, the first of which; the Jynx Sport, just squeezes into our £500 limit but does feature powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

Pitch 650b


pitch 650bThe Pitch is the men’s version of the Jynx and features 650b wheels (27.5″), Shimano 3×8 drivetrains, disc brakes, a Suntour fork, and geometry that will be at home on both the street or light trail duty. Like the Jynx, it is available in two further models, the Sport and the Comp. The Pitch Sport 650b comes in at £500 and has hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power.

Ridgeback 604LX

£399.99 SALE PRICE £359.99604LX

Finally, and when they’re gone, they’re gone…the Ridgeback 604LX, a classic looking Mountain Bike at a great price. We have two of these bikes left, in a 17″ and a 19″ frame. Equipped with a 24 speed Shimano Altus groupset, Hydraulic Disc brakes and Suntour XTC front suspension this is great value bike that will get you off road and exploring the trails in no time.