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The Beginning

This is Ben Page, a 22 year old graduate from Heptonstall, West Yorkshire, who came into Blazing Saddles in 2014 to introduce himself and ask for our help. He told us about his plan, hatched at university, to set off on a round the world epic bike ride, and asked if we’d like to sponsor him.

Well maybe there’s a little bit of all of us that wants to just get up and go – to escape on our own two wheels and explore the world. So this seemed like an exciting opportunity to at least be a small part of someone else’s adventure. The answer was Yes.

The Journal

Ben has created the Another Horizon website to chart his adventures – over mountain passes, across barren plateaus and through dense jungles. This website will be a platform to bring together the photos that he takes, videos that he makes and the stories that unravel throughout his journey,  whilst also serving as a way for family and friends to see exactly what it is that he’s getting up to.

disc-trucker-14_sv_930x390For this adventure, a special kind of bike was needed, and a Surly Disc Trucker fitted the bill, with a great reputation as one of the best riding and value-packed touring bikes out there.

” The perfect bike to help you get lost and find yourself.”

The Route

Ben’s Route will take him from Argentina north through South and Central America, up the western US coastline to the  Canadian border, across to the Chinese seaboard, through Asia before eventually heading homewards.

The Departure

So it was with great excitement that Ben arrived in the shop last week with his bike all packed and ready to go, to say his goodbyes. The bike was looking great, and the addition of a couple of Blazing Saddles stickers didn’t contribute too much to the weight.

You can follow Ben on Twitter to find out where he is, or watch this space for regular updates:

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  Good Luck Ben!