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  • Pitch-Sport-650B-2016-Model-Gloss-White-Black
    Specialized Pitch Sport 650B

    ‘A great ride and solid spec…’ ‘top rate frame finish’… ‘refreshingly simple design’ Hardtail of the Year Review – MBR Mountain Bike Rider


    Pitch Sport 650B at Blazing Saddles

    Why the Specialized Pitch Sport?

    We know that picking a mountain bike can be a bit of daunting process, what with all of the options and technology floating around out there. But while some suspension platforms and tech pass like fads in the wind, hardtails have stuck around since the advent of the mountain bike. That’s why Specialized built their Pitch Sport 650b around an Aluminium hardtail design.

    Good simple design

    The design allows the rear end to stay planted while you’re pedalling, so it has plenty to offer in the way of efficiency on climbs and on the flats. And with their acclaimed Sport Trail 650b Geometry and ample suspension up front, you’re guaranteed to feel confident and ready to rip when the trail tips downwards. It’s everything you need to get there and get riding.

    A1 Premium Aluminium Frame

    The frame is constructed from lightweight A1 Premium Aluminium in order to provide a compliant, durable platform to support their acclaimed Sport Trail 650b Geometry. Combined, you get a bike that’s extremely versatile, making it equally capable on the climbs and descents.

    Custom Fork
    Custom SR Suntour XCT 650b fork pairs a coil spring with Specialized Multi-Circuit Damping technology to eliminate any “pogo” effect by delivering 80/100mm (size-specific) of hydraulic damped suspension and rebound that smooth’s out rough terrain.
    Rolling Confidence
    650b alloy rims have been laced to Stout hubs to form wheels that allow you mow over everything in sight, climb gracefully, and get to the bottom of the trail eager for more.
    With reliable traction, puncture-resistance, and sheer speed over the dirt, the 650bx2.1″ Ground Control Sport tyres will keep you rolling with confidence over almost any terrain.

    Full Specification

    Frame:A1 premium aluminium
    Fork:Suntour XCT, 100mm
    Wheels:Specialized Hi Lo hubs, Stout rims, Specialized Fast Track Sport 2.0in tyres
    Drivetrain:Stout chainset, Shimano Altus shifters and f-mech, Acera r-mech
    Brakes:Tektro Auriga
    Weight:14kg (30.8lb)
    Sizes:XS, S, M, L, XL



  • Urban FlipJak Reversible

    New Endura Autumn/Winter Range

    Introducing the new Autumn/Winter range from Endura, featuring obsessive attention to detail, ergonomic cycle specific fit and high technical performance.

    Urban Wear

    endura-3New pieces are the Urban Flipjak Jacket, featuring an in your face high vis inner, and a lightweight, windproof , showerproof shell with Primaloft insulation. Highly reflective print details and zippered handwarmers and chest pocket;

    Singletrack Range

    Women's Singletrack JacketThe new Singletrack Jacket is a fully seam-sealed 2.5 waterproof, breathable jacket, and features a much appreciated roll away hood, and a load of other great features that should make riding in the rain even better…The women’s version is available in purple or red, and the men’s version in black, red or blue.

    Baggy Shorts

    Shorts and baggies new in, include the improved tailoring of the Hummvee Short with durable water repellency and side-zipped ventilation, and the Women’s MT500 Spray Baggy – a hard wearing wet weather lightweight short, with waterproof crotch panel and rear stretch waterproof panel to keep you dry. A welcome addition to the women’s range.


    DSC_0056 (1)Baa Baa Merino

    The Baa Baa Merino range is in too, with warm winter socks, short and long-sleeved base layers in a range of strong colours, merino armwarmers and warm beanie hats.

    Come into the shop to see the huge range of lines, for road riding and commuting as well as mountain biking, and the Endura Range that we don’t have in stock is available to order in sizes from XS to XXXL in men’s, and 8 to 16 in women’s.




  • 2alpine

    Blazing Saddles Mountain Bike Sale

    Alpine 160 RS

    alpine-160 Was £3,800 SALE PRICE £3,250

    Size: Medium



    Orange Crush


    Was £1300 SALE PRICE £1100

    Size: Medium



    Orange Clockwork 100S

    clockwork100sWas £1250 SALE PRICE £1075

    Size: Medium




    Orange Clockwork 120

    clockwork120pfullsize_3214_Was £999 SALE PRICE £850

    Size: Large



    Orange Diva

    divaWas £1050 SALE PRICE £890

    Size: Medium




    Specialized Myka

    mykaWas £350 SALE PRICE £299

    Size Medium

  • UTB-70233
    Er what?

    For those of you who don’t know, The Buttress is a little cobbled road that winds out of the centre of Hebden Bridge towards Heptonstall. It’s only 400 yards long – that’s just under a quarter of a mile or around 365m – but it’s very steep, relentlessly so, and even has a handrail for pedestrians.The relatively new Up the Buttress challenge happens every year at the beginning of September, and entrants try their best to make it to the top.

    Why on earth…?

    No-one really knows why anyone would want to attempt this seemingly impossible feat;. It hurts. However, if you make it all the way and manage to beat the opposition, there are prizes for 1st and 2nd place in each category. There is a raffle with some brilliant prizes, including this year an Orange Clockwork bike, and your race number is your raffle ticket. All riders are cheered, laughed at, encouraged and or heckled for most of the way, and there are even some hand chalked inspirational quotes written on the cobbles on the way up, like ‘Go Big or Go Home…’

    Hmmmm…got any tips?

    The ButtressWell the first 2o metres or so is the steepest, and takes you to the first obstacle, a drainage channel, or The Lip. There is much debate (usually on the bridge) about how best to tackle this section. Set off at top speed in a low gear from the bridge and you’ll end up doing a cartoon pedal spin on the slightly flat bit just before the first cobbles, made doubly embarrassing because it’ll happen right in front of the largest and most vocal crowd of spectators. On the other hand, leave the gear change for the steep bit too late and you’ll end up stalling before you get there. If you stand up to pedal you risk spinning your front wheel, but sit and you might risk the front wheel lifting. The Lip itself is a tricky one. Spectators know this is the most likely place for mishaps, so they will gather to shout helpful phrases, like, ‘Keep Going!’ but beware. The Lip is higher one side than the other, get it wrong and will seem like a superhuman effort to get over the extra couple of inches. Don’t let the presence of the crowd divert you!

    Is that it then?

    This is where the real pain starts. The next 300m are the true challenge. The gradient is less severe, but it feels endless. Riders at this stage are battling the beginnings of lactic acid build up, with increasingly heavy legs and that sharp pain in your throat and chest from heavy breathing and exertion. It’s at this point that the true fighters dig deep and try to get into some sort of rhythm. Spectators are thinner on the ground, mostly due to the effort walking that far up, and the voices that were unhelpfully cheerful at the bottom are exchanged for the voices in your head questioning your sanity. The final 50 metres is as psychological as much as physical. Your body’s had enough and the finish line suddenly becomes visible but still feels a long way off. Keeping a straight wheel becomes increasingly difficult and to compound the trauma there are now pedestrians walking faster than you. But you’ve made it…! Pretty much the same person you were when you set off at the bottom. You’re heart rate will, in a few hours time, probably return to normal. And just like childbirth, or so they say…you’ll soon forget, and be back next year to do it all again. Honestly.

    Where do I go for this pain?

    This year’s Up the Buttress is on Saturday 12th September. Register between 12 and 3 on the day. collect your race card, and wait your turn. If you haven’t bottled out by the time your number’s up, riding will take place between 1pm and 5pm. Afterwards, hand in your race card to be entered into the raffle, stick around to cheer and heckle others, grab a bite and a beer and wait for the prizes.

    And don’t say we didn’t warn you.