Kids Bikes

Spread the cost of a new bike

We’ve got bikes for the small people in your life too, with Puky balance bikes to get them off to a flying start as well as a great range of children’s bike from Ridgeback, Puky and Specialized to keep them excited (and you in hot pursuit!) once they’ve learnt to turn the pedals for themselves.

The Puky balance bikes are a great way to get kids used to balancing on two wheels before moving up to a regular bike. Here is a video that our friend Allan made showing how his grandson has progressed on his Puky.

Puky Balance Bikes

Puky LRM £69.99

Puky-LRMThis is the first stage Puky learner bike in the range for early beginners and is suitable for the smallest children, from 85cm (instep length from 30cm) – additionally it is approx. 20% lighter than the basic model LR1 with soft foam tyres that are lightweight and flexible. The Puky LRM has tough scratch resistant powder coating which makes robust in all conditions. Balance training bikes teach balance far better than using traditional bikes with stabilisers. Children progress to riding a normal bike more quickly after using a balance bike.

This bike now comes in the Retro Classic version too. Contact us for colour choices or come in and try one!


Puky LR1BR £94.99

The Puky LR1BR learner bike features pneumatic tyres a rear brake and a kick stand. Puky Balance bikes are all powder coated which makes them more scratch resistant than normal paint to keep them looking new for longer. The LR1 BR is a braked version of the Popular LR1 which gives the LR1BR the ablility to train your child to brake and stop effectively. This Training bike is our best selling learner bicycle and come very highly recomended by parents all over Europe and much loved by the children that use it.

The Puky LR1 is Mumsnet BEST BUY 5/5

LRXL_Black_largePuky LRXL £124.99

This is the third stage Puky learner bike ideal for taller or older children who are not yet able to ride a bicycle. Also has a child friendly brake (rear) in addition to the kick stand and robust cross profile 12″ the Puky LRXL learner bike has pneumatic tyres.

First Pedal Bikes

Puky moves your little ones smoothly on through their biking life, with 12″ wheel pedal bikes; the Youke 12, complete with coaster brakes. (Pedal backwards to brake). Check out the full range of Puky bikes and contact the shop to check availability and dates.

We currently have the following Puky pedal bikes in stock: 

The Ridgeback Range


Specialized Bikes – the All New Jett

Kids move fast, and grow faster. At times, it can seem like there’s a small window for the perfect bike fit. 

The Jett is designed so that you’ll never fear the growth spurts. Specialized did their homework to understand how kids grow—spoiler alert, kids’ arms and legs grow more rapidly than their torso. We took to the books and designed a bike with child-specific touch points that withstand the development of young riders. The Jett is uniquely adjustable, perfectly proportional, and child-liftable—they’ll always be set to Jett.

The Jett Multispeed features an adjustable handlebar that allows kids to fine tune reach as their arms grow. The 2-hole position cranks combined with longer seat tubes give plenty of flexibility to dial-in the optimal pedaling position. And whats more, we designed the frame and reviewed every component to make the Jett one of the lightest bikes on the market. You’re going to have to beg them to get off this bike.