What We Sell

At Blazing Saddles our main objective is to help you find the right bike for your needs. We’re all keen riders in one discipline or more and with many years of experience under our belts of riding the wrong bikes as well as the right ones, we know how important it is that you get a bike which suits you and your riding.

We’ve chosen to stock the brands that we do because we feel they offer you the best possible choice, whatever you ride and wherever you want to go.

Brands We Sell

pride themselves on producing high-tech, fast, bikes, which are tested by riders under the toughest conditions to ensure you can crush hills and tame mountains with the best of ‘em, and offer a huge range of bikes for every rider.  Specialized CEO Mike Sinyard, the man behind such groundbreaking bikes as the Stumpjumper, Roubaix, and Epic has kept his company focused on developing more groundbreaking bikes. Lately, though, he’s also been steering his company toward developing new bikes for entry-level riders, affordable models accessible to cyclists of any level.

For over 95 years Kalkhoff has been developing impressive bikes on both the design and technology fronts. “Every year we succeed in driving the trend forward and bringing significant innovations to market.” Made in Cloppenburg, Germany, where in 1919, 16-year-old Heinrich Kalkhoff first started trading in bicycle parts at his family home.


Another of the great British bike brands, Bromptons have been hand made in London since 1975. Probably the most iconic folding bike, they’re enjoyable to ride, easy to fold and unfold, can be custom made to suit your needs, and incredibly easy to transport and store. Brompton is the largest volume bicycle manufacturer in Britain.

UK designed adventure road and mountain bikes to take you to those places, fulfill your curiosities and make you remember why going for a ride is one of life’s most brilliant experiences.

UK designed electric, hybrid and kids’ bikes. Since 1983 Ridgeback has been creating high quality bicycles used for everything from round the world adventures to daily commutes.


is a small, Minnesota based company, and sell a wide range of  bikes of all types, but they are most famous for the Pugsley, with its extremely high volume tyres, up to 4 inches wide, designed for deep snow and sand riding.

Tern was established in 2010 with an aim to protect the planet and simplify people’s lives. Their award winning folding bikes brings together all the things people need to drive less and ride more, the folding mechanism is quick and easy, ideal for commuting, storage and theft prevention. The award winning GSD cargo bike demonstrates a new level of versatility. Capable of completing a multitude of tasks with efficiency, comfort and style. The name and identity of the brand comes from the Tern bird, which is a global traveler, climate sensitive and long living, this ethos is seen in the Vektron, it’s a strong and smooth, built to be serviceable over the years, not land-fillable!