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Proud Winners of The Totally Locally Choice Award 2011.

blazing-totally-locally-Totally Locally recognised the Hidden Gem that is Blazing Saddles…and this is what they said about us…

Bikes & the Pennines (ie huge hills) – not an ideal combination you may think. But that’s where you’re at odds with most of the mountain biking fraternity of the UK. They travel for miles to ride our ridiculously steep, rocky, breathtaking hills.
And for the less muscular of leg we’ve got the superb canal system which lets you get across the whole of Calderdale on the flat, hardly touching road and crossing some breathtaking country. Then for the in-betweeners that there’s Route 66 – a mixture of both, a bit hilly, some flat and still incredible scenery.
What more could we want? How about a brilliant cycle shop with people who really care about selling you the right bike, are always smiley, always ready to help out and completely immersed in the bike culture. Well, welcome to Blazing Saddles in Hebden Bridge.
There’s no cycle snobbery here, just good honest advice whether your a complete novice or training for that trek across the Alps – these guys will talk you through it. And best of all, they won’t sell you what you don’t need.
I’ve been going there for years, and it’s always a great experience. The other day I dropped by as my chain was slipping. Alan looked at it and said “Well I can change the centre cog, as it’s bent….. or I can belt it with this great big hammer for free!”. My bike being my pride and joy, I wouldn’t have let anyone else near it with said hitting instrument – but you know when you’re in safe hands. Cog hit, bike sorted, no repair bill. Big smiles.
Don’t let that cloud your judgement though. They’ve got a fully kitted workshop, and they really know their stuff. The bikes for sale go from a few hundred quid up to a fair few thousand! And the shop is chokka with them alongside all the gear, reading matter and clothing you could ever wish for.
So if you’re thinking about starting out, upgrading to something a bit more, how you say, ‘substantial’, or you’re already well versed with the giddy heights on offer round these parts, this is the place for you. Great people who love what they do, and love helping people who love bikes. It’s why they won the Totally Locally Choice Awards. Perfect!
Totally Locally Chris

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