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Get organised this year and grab a workshop slot before the Spring rush!

With decades of mechanical experience, plus a fully kitted out workshop, you can trust us to look after your beloved bike. The prices below are our standard menu options, and exclude parts, however we will advise you on extra costs when you leave the bike with us. If we do find new problems and new parts are needed, we will always call you before proceeding, so you are always in control.

Booking In

Call us on 01422 844435, or come in and we can book you into our workshop schedule.
Weekend Drop in Surgery. Simply bring your bike in on Saturday and Sunday and we will look after your bike and turn it around the same day (where possible, pending parts availability).
£15 Minimum charge.


With a full service you know your bike will be in A1 mechanical condition, and ready for many more reliable rides. We check everything on your bike, and report back to you to get your OK if we find that its needs more than tuning/adjusting or any additional parts. Parts are not included, however we don’t charge for small things such as a cable here or a nut there.
Standard Service. A full check and service of the entire bicycle, with tuning and adjustment, and a final test ride. It covers: wheels, brakes, steering, gears, seating and more.
Standard E-bike Service. A full check and service of the entire bicycle, with tuning and adjustment, and a final test ride. It covers: wheels, brakes, steering, gears, seating and also a full check of the electrical system/components.
Deluxe Service. Same as above but with we also: wash the bike, Strip and service hubs, replacing the bearings, strip, clean and replace the bottom cracket, Remove forks and service the headset. Replace brake pads and cables or bleed hydraulic hoses.

SERVICE MENU (Excludes parts)


01. Basic service (gears, brakes, tyres) £45
02. Standard Service £75
03. Standard E-Bike service £95
04. Insurance quote / inspection £45
05. Build/assemble boxed bike FROM £70
06. Headset service. clean grease replace (excludes new bearings). £25
07. E-bike firmware update £25
08. Fork lower service. Oil and seal change. £55
09. Removal and refitting of shocks for send away service (includes parts) £40
10. Rockshox Suspension Service FROM £100
11. X-Fusion Manic Service £70


12. Adjust and tune gears (front OR rear) £20
13. Gear service. Fitting new cables. From £35
14. Internal routed gear service. From £45
15. Replace cassette. £15
16. Replace mech £25
17. Replace Bottom Bracket. From £25
18. Replace cranks. From £25
19. Replace gear hanger £25
20. Insert missing link in chain/replace chain £15


20. Adjust cable brakes (per brake) £15
21. Cable Brake Service: Replace cables/pads Ex parts £20
22. Adjust/tune hydraulic disc brakes (per brake) £15
23. Bleeding hydraulic disc brakes (per brake) £25
24. Replacing cable/hydraulic brake pads (per brake) £15/ £20
25. Replace disc rotor £15
26.Replace complete hydro brake £40


27. Punture repair hub/electic bike £20
28. Puncture Front £15 (plus inner tube)
29. Puncture Rear £18 (plus inner tube)
30. Tubeless set up (per wheel excludes parts) £25
31. Wheel true/spoke tension £20
32. Replace spoke + true. £20
33. Wheel build excludes parts £60
34. Hub service front £25
35. Hub Service Rear £50
36. FRONT Fit Tyre (excludes tubeless) £15
37. REAR Fit tyres (excludes tubeless) £18


38. Custom Build (free if we supply parts) £140
39. Custom Build Quote (free if we supply parts) £35


40. Fit Rack. £25
41. Fit lights. £15
42. Fit full mudguards £25
43. Fit MTB mudguards £15
44. Replace grips £15
45. Fit saddle OR seatpost £10
46. Fit pedals £15. Dropper post fitting. External £25
48. Dropper post fitting. Internal £45
49. Exposure Light Service £20
50. Fox Suspension Service £186
51. Motor Service. Brose/Bosch FROM £100
48. Fox Suspension Service £129
49. Motor Service. Brose/Bosch FROM £257



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  1. Please can I book my bike in for a standard service?

    My contract number is

    • Hi James,

      Yes that’s fine – we have slots available from 16th January. We can book any day after that from Monday to Thursday. Just let me know!
      Best wishes,


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