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We are trying to find ways to help
Not everyone can afford to buy a bike in one go. Did you know we offer a  Christmas/savings club? You can make occasional or routine deposits (of any amount) over a year towards the bike that you want, then collect the bike when it’s paid for.
Save money with one of the Cycle to Work schemes

We work with the Green Commute Initiative and other cyclescheme providers.

What is the Cycle to Work scheme?
Save Money – The Cycle to Work scheme is designed to help you save money on a new bike by spreading the cost of the bike over monthly tax-free instalments through your employer. There are a few different scheme providers out there each with its own variations but the basic idea is the same. Sustrans.org is a great resource for an easy to understand explanation:

“It’s a simple process:

Your workplace registers with a scheme provider
You choose the bike you want
Your employer pays for it
You pay your employer back through monthly instalments taken through payroll.
Salary sacrifice periods are for a minimum of 12 months (but can be for longer) and your employer can advise on the spending limit.

Green Commute Initiative allows for the repayments to be spread over 12-48 months (as agreed with the employer), and they are registered with the FCA for Consumer Hire.” (Sustrans.org)

Did you Know?

You can also buy clothing, helmets, tools, luggage, lights, parts as part of an upgrade and other accessories under this scheme. And you don’t have to use your bike to cycle to work.

Cash strapped but worried about repair costs
Current cyclists, commuters and leisure riders alike may be looking to repair rather than replace their bike. Many are anxious about how much the cost might be. A lot of customers bring their bikes in and just want them to be safe and rideable for as little money as possible. That’s fine by us and we are happy just to get folks back out there and riding.
What if I don’t want to replace my bike? If you want to carry out some upgrades – new forks, new wheels, etc are allowable under the cycle to work scheme. We also offer our finance package for any amount above £350.
Mental Health

Get outdoors – it can be really beneficial to our general sense of well being. Cycling with the wind in your hair (if you have any…), the sun on your face and a great view is good for the soul. It’s also  a great way to get fit. And if the hills in our steep sided valley put you off, there is always the option of an eBike. Happy cycling everyone.

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