Bikes for the small people in your life

Start them young! A bike is the gateway to a great love of the outdoors

Little people want to move; from rolling to crawling, walking to running. Wheels add a whole new dimension to getting about!

From 12+ months

We sell a range of Puky vehicles for children, starting with the little Pukylino, suitable from 12+ months.

From 18+ months

From around 18 months, the Puky Wutsch has a slightly higher standover, and retains all the light, manoeuvrability of the Pukylino, with impact resistant powder coating, extremely quiet wheels for indoor and outdoor use, special safety handlebar grips with large baffles to protect against knocks and a comfortable ergonomic seat with carrying handle and knee pan.

The Puky Wutsch from 18+ months

From 2+ years

Now we’re balancing! Children are learning how to balance all the time – from learning to sit up, to the first time they walk, or even stand on one leg. The Puky LRM takes self propulsion on wheels to the next stage – with feet flat on the ground, your child will naturally adjust their body weight through their legs and feet. Some are off immediately, walking and steering at the same time; others will start off more steadily, and the thrill of moving forward on wheels has begun. You can also choose the LRM plus version, which comes with a mini-me little rear mudguard and bell. Other colours available.

From 3+ years

Don’t rush to pedal! Balance bikes are incredibly versatile, building strong legs and building confidence as your child gets older. Take a look at this great video that our friend Allan made showing how his grandson has progressed on his Puky. You can see that the scope for development and skill acquisition is pretty impressive.

The Puky LR1 LBR will take your child to the next stage happily and with increasing confidence. With pneumatic tyres for the fisrt time in the range, you may have to wear some running shoes to keep up…

From 4+

Finally, for those who may have come to balancing late, or those for whom balancing has become a way of life, there is the Puky XL. Still light and easy to handle, but designed for the taller rider in the last stage before progressing to a pedal bike. Happy cycling!

Puky XL £124.99

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