Love Our Town after Lockdown

Keep our town open for business!

We’re proud to live and work in this great town. Our bike shop has been going for 25 years. It’s just one of many unique, independent small shops that together, make Hebden Bridge a pretty special place to live.

Keeping you riding, giving you freedom

Over the last few years, we’ve seen long-standing businesses go under, and we are now in the most challenging situation any of us have faced. We want to be here for you now, and in the future, to keep you out riding bikes, to inspire more people to ride bikes and maybe to offer a taste of freedom that a bike can give. Freedom that is increasingly hard to find.

Shop Locally, both on and offline

All of the local shops are now finding ways to adapt to this every changing situation. Check out the local businesses at to find out how we are working to support you to shop with us and stay safe. We have 4 ways to #staysafe #shopathome

Spend now, shop later!

We sell gift cards and vouchers. Payment can be taken over the phone and the card can be sent to you. Alternatively, you can save the voucher with us to spend whenever you like. It helps us to know that you’ll be visiting in the future, and maybe gives you something to look forward to!


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